April 28, 2013

Colorful Carnations, Magnificent Moms, plus a *Freebie*

I feel like I am always saying "I can't believe it's already ______!"  Before I started working as a teacher, 2 short years ago, I think back and don't remember time ever flying by as fast as it does now. It just blows my mind! I mean...Mother's Day is in just 2 weeks. Did you hear that? 2 WEEKS {gah}!!

I wanted to come up with something sweet, simple, and creative for my firsties' magnificent mothers! I thought it would be fun to buy some white carnations and let them pick a color, or their mom's favorite, and dye them!

I put together this FREEBIE to go with it.

I plan to print out the tags and have the kids tie them to the flower. There are 3 different patterns, each with the same poem...by {ahem} myself! I'm sort of proud, so please don't ruin my moment, ha!

"I dyed this flower just for you, because my love is ever true!"
If you would like to download, head over to my TpT shop. Please be kind and let me know what you think with some feedback.

We are definitely also using A Cupcake for the Teacher's Mother's Day ice cream adjective craftivity.

So. stinkin. cute!
What kind of activities do you have your class put together for mom? The more suggestions, the better!


  1. I love that carnation idea! It is like an experiment and a gift all in one! :)

  2. Get down with your creative self! Love the poem! Great job :) I will be doing this! love the carnation idea and it ties in PERFECTLY with our plants unit and how the flower carries water :)

    Flying High in First Grade

  3. I wanted to do the carnation idea last year too! However, I wasn't able to find carnations that weren't overpriced. Ended up buying some other white flowers and my experiment failed. :( I already have something else going on for Mother's Day this year but maybe I'll try again next year! :)

    Diary of a First Grade Teacher