April 8, 2013

The Adventures of Inferencing

I have taken my class (not voluntarily of course) on an inferencing adventure! If you've been reading my blog for any period of time now, you know that I absolutely love to make anchor charts to introduce any and every topic. My inspiration for the "Making Inferences" chart came from Mrs. Richardson's Class.

Essentially, schema plus picture clues leads to making an inference. It took my firsties awhile to catch on to the new "lingo" but after some great activities they were inferring like champs I tell ya!

I would be a lot less great of a teacher if it weren't for the ideas of others who have inspired me. I introduced the concept of making inferences through a little thing called the Mystery Box....ooooooo! {Thanks to good ol' Abby for this one} I put this thing out and about in my class a few days before the lesson and the kids were drawn to it already (so my plan)! After debuting the anchor chart, I gave each of them a clue (4 different ones handed out randomly).  They had to copy down their clue then roam around the room finding other friends who had the missing clues they needed. Once they had all 4, they read them and then made their inference using the clues and their schema. They LOVED this so much, we had to do it again a few days later. A GREAT way to introduce the topic!

 Throughout the week we also read a few David Shannon books (one of our favorite author's). Duck on a Bike, No David!, and David Gets in Trouble are great read alouds to have conversation about making inferences.

 Another great inspiration from{Mrs. Richardson}....making inferences with David. Of course you've gotta add the craft! Too cute!

I wanted to leave you with a book that just blew.me.away. with it's ability to teach inferencing. I stumbled upon this book when googling inferencing ideas. Needless to say it is now one of my favorite books!!

It's about two ants who take a journey and get caught up in all kinds of trouble. The best part is, the author never tells you where the ants are. He leaves it to the picture clues (and of course your schema) to infer. AN ABSOLUTE MUST! I cannot stress it enough. Pure inferencing perfection. Go check it out now!
{I feel like I'm yelling...but it's really THAT good!}


  1. Thank you for this post! I love reading about what others are doing to help kids understand inferencing. I have added Two Bad Ants to my Amazon as well -- good suggestion!

    Mindful Rambles

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