April 18, 2013

Saving Earth One Student at a Time

So finally after a week of my kids sneezing, coughing which has been more like hacking, and sniffling...my body has finally started the trend too. I'm guessing it felt a little left out?? Talk about horrible timing----field trip tomorrow anyone? Yes, that would be me! My bed better treat me well tonight.

Since we will be gone tomorrow, we will be Earth Daying (yes, it's a new word) it up next week. I've put the Earth Day craft we tackle into a freebie for you! So, if you are the opposite of me and plan at the last minute, then this post is just for you!

My example isn't quite exactly up to par. I colored mine with marker=boring. I make my firsties use rip or tear art for the Earth. Then after we do a few of the following activities (listed below) they fill out what they can do to help keep the Earth clean, etc.

Of course we also read a few books, do a few sorting activities, act out a little recycling, blah blah blah. And we definitely remake this A-MA-zing anchor chart from A Cupcake for the Teacher! Talk about adorbs!

If you want to pick up my little craftivity, click on the picture below, download on TpT and leave me some feedback.
 Happy Friday friends!

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