May 16, 2014

Five for Friday, YIPPEE!

How many Friday's of the school year are left? 3 maybe 4....who's counting anyways!?

We celebrated reading this week and were asked to choose our favorite book and decorate our door accordingly. We voted and the verdict was who other than David of course!?  The kids were so proud to have worked and completed this project ALL on their own (with only taping assistance from myself)!

Our Lima Bean plants have finally taken off....well most of them anyway!
It never fails I always have those few that don't want to grow!
None the less, the kids come in every day ecstatic to check on their plants status.

We LOVE our brain breaks and if it wasn't for Go Noodle, I don't know how exciting they would actually be! If you haven't checked it's a must!!!

I finally let some of my kiddos in my higher groups grab a chapter book from our classroom library.
Faces lit up.
Smiles on faces.
Ready, set, go read!
That's just about what happened....literally.


We've been discussing features of non-fiction all week.
Today they had to search for facts after reading their own easy non-fiction read on insects and write some opinions too.
They just couldn't get enough!
I just might add that I LOVE being asked "Can we read more?".
Happy Friday

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  1. Love the door - must organise something like this in our school on the next book day!

    Growing Little Learners