May 19, 2014

Making How-To's Fun!

Writing *use-to* be one of my least favorite things to teach.
This year has been, by far, the best yet.
My students' writing has grown SO incredibly much thanks to a number of things:
*completing class examples
*having writer's workshop FIRST thing
*making conferring a priority
*sharing circle
*implementing "thinking" music
*routine, routine, routine
*making it FUN!
We've been all about writing how-to's the past few weeks.
This week we tackled PB&J's.
Our first step is to brainstorm:
 We record the things we need and talk through the steps.
**All organizers can be found in my How-To Writing packet on TpT.
The 2nd day we "act it out" actually using what we listed the day before.
This is when they find out exactly how specific they have to be.
"Put it on the bread."
{Teacher acts like she doesn't understand and puts IT (a pencil) on the bread}
uncontrollable laughter
"No! Put the peanut butter on the bread."
{Teacher puts jar of peanut butter on the bread.}
"NO! A scoop of peanut butter."
They slowly find out they have to specify every little detail which we draw out.

The 3rd-4th day we take our pictures and turn them into detailed sentences.
And finally....we get to make our sandwich book...cheers!

Pick up my How-To Writing Prompts and Templates in my TpT store.
It comes with 4 graphic organizers for over 11 prompts.
If this system is easy for my firsties to follow, it will be for yours too!

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