May 7, 2014

Plants, Plants, and more...FREEBIES!

 One of my favorite science units to teach is plants. The kids LOVE getting to plant a seed and come in every morning to see what it has magically done overnight. It's the first place they visit before they even  unpack. They totally freak-out when they see the first root, leaf, etc.!! So fun to watch.

We planted our seeds Monday and made our first observations today.

Last year and this year I am using this observation log with my firsties and it worked out great.
For this unit, we observed our plants for a total of 10 days (excluding weekends). By the end of this time frame, they actually grew rather tall. Each day, we observed what our plant looked like and drew a picture on the picture observation sheet. We then turned to our daily observation page, wrote the observation date, number, and wrote about the changes we saw.
At the end of this packet, there is a place to sequence the steps of the life cycle of a plant: How a Plant Grows. This is a great way to assess what they know at then end of the unit.
This packet is posted in my TpT store and will be on sale for 3 days after the BIG sale in case you miss it. So snag it while you can!

You can also find these two freebies if you have stuck with my ramblings this far! There are 2 graphic organizers.

The first is a plants can-have-are chart. The second is a life cycle chart.
 Pick them both up {HERE} and {HERE}.

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