February 12, 2014

Fun with Fractions

If I were a 6 or 7 year old my brain would be saying "What in....." (I'll let you finish that.)
Sounds like gibberish.
In hopes of avoiding this, we start off by talking about equal and unequal parts, how to divide things equally, etc. We then move to name the parts we divide: wholes, halves, thirds, and fourths.
Then we take it to the next level: shading and naming parts.
We added to our fractions anchor chart and filled it in little by little until it looked like this!

We glued these fraction strips in our math journals for a quick refer to reference.
After talking a few days about ____ out of ____ parts, I called out random problems and they had to shade them in. I was able to check and see who completely understood the concept and who definitely didn't get it. Great quick assessment!
We ended our week in math by taking our names and making them into a fraction!
We traced our vowels in red and consonants in black to distinguish between the two.
Before decorating, they had to take each of the letter types and make them into fractions.
Final products were a success!
Fractions are not longer foreign!


  1. Found your blog a few days ago and Im LOVING your insight. Thanks for sharing your passion :) from a homeschool mama with 3 young ones. Blessings!

  2. So where can I get a copy of the unifix cubes and the name chart?

    1. It's something I whipped up one day real quick in class on the spot. Sorry, I don't have it anywhere : (