February 20, 2014

Sparkly E Word Hunts and a Freebie

Once we learn a phonetic skill my kids LOVE to go on word hunts.
We take our books from our book boxes and get to searchin' (our Texas slang).
When they find a word, the write it on a sticky note and put it in my mailbox.
At the end of the day we check the words, read them to see if they follow the pattern, and add them to our chart if the successfully do follow the pattern and aren't those silly rule breaker words.
Here are the charts we made after our words hunts last week for words that have silent sparkly E.

I have kids that love hunting for words so much that they do it in their spare time when they finish their work!
They get to write the words on the chart themselves (hence the outrageous handwriting) and that provides them with a sense of ownership. I often have kids refer to the charts when we hang them up for writing and spelling also. They make a great reference!
If you didn't catch my freebie in the last post on "sparkly e" get it here by clicking on the picture below!

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